Between 2006 and 2010, there were 3279 people killed in traffic accidents in The Netherlands. This site explores the data behind these accidents. All data in this site can be analyzed and visualized. Silk and RTL Nieuws worked together to realize this site. The data is also available through our API.

Overview of the data

Top 10 most dangerous cities

If we look at the cities that had the most traffic deaths between 2006-2010 relatively, we see mostly small municipalities. Beemster had the most deaths, but this is mainly because it does not have many inhabitants and it has a dangerous highway going through it. 

» Here is the top 20 most dangerous large cities


The city of Rotterdam had the most traffic deaths in absolute numbers, 92 between 2006-2010. The map below shows all accidents. The size of the circle is the age of the deceased (smaller and lighter = younger).